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Max Talley was born in New York, and received a BA in literature from a liberal arts college. His father was an editor, and his mother was a businesswoman and writer, so he was surrounded by books from an early age.

Talley wrote weekly columns for the Carmel Valley Sun in the late 1990’s, as well as The Rogue Voice out of San Luis Obispo from 2007 to 2009. He won an award at Santa Barbara Writers Conference in 2006 and 2007 for fiction in the horror/sci-fi/fantasy category. His story “Poisoned” appeared in Iconoclast magazine in 2007. Talley’s dystopian near future thriller Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow was published by Damnation Books in June of 2014.

Talley has a completed novel, The Long Fadeout, a modernist detective story set in Northern California. Keith Bender investigates the legacy of a dead Nazi scientist, which leads him to a satanic cult in Mendocino, then to a lawless mining town in the desert, and finally to a shattering conclusion at a nuclear test site in Nevada.

Talley recently finished a book mixing music history, fiction, fact and suspense that spans from the late ’60s to the 21st century, titled: Dear Mr. Fantasy. In 2016, Talley’s short stories were published in Two Cities Review, Chantwood Magazine, The Opiate, Devolution Z, the Hardboiled anthology, Del Sol Review, and Gold Man Review. Forthcoming stories will appear in Thoughtful Dog and in the Freakshow anthology from Copper Pen Press in July, 2017. He lives in transit between the high desert of Santa Fe, NM and the coast of Santa Barbara, California.


Here’s where you can buy Max’s latest book. If you purchase a copy, please leave an online review or let the store know what you think!

Click here to buy “Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow” directly from Damnation Books.

Click here to buy “Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow” at

•Print copies are available at the following independent bookstores:

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