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Max Talley’s dystopian near future thriller, “Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow”, is out now from Damnation Books.

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Here’s what people are saying about “Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow”:

“If Kurt Vonnegut Jr. and Philip K. Dick had a love child, the result would be Yesterday We Forget Tomorrrow: a disturbing dystopian future shot through with unconventional wit and humor.” –Matthew J. Pallamary, author of Land Without Evil and Spirit Matters.

Yesterday We Forget Tomorrow is like speedballing a hyperspace vision of a dystopian future. Clever, outrageous, eccentric, fantastic. Addicting.”
–Monte Schulz, author of The Big Town and Naughty.

“Max Talley has concocted a wild stew of social commentary, stirred with unforgettable characters, and seasoned with humor. A rewarding roller-coaster ride.” –John Reed, author of The Kingfisher’s Call and Thirteen Mountain.

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